Sun Studio Session
EP (2016)

Single (2016)

Crash Landing
LP (2014)

Let's Brighten It Up
EP (2012)

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"Real Love" - Official Music Video
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"Girl Down The Road" - Official Music Video
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"Heartbreaker" - Official Music Video
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"Too Late" - Live on the Chevy Music Showcase
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The Making Of "Heartbreaker"
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"Brighten It Up" - Official Music Video
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Matt Stansberry & The Romance will give you deja vu.

Maybe it's the slick, Blues Brothers-inspired suits, or the angelic backup singer channeling "20 Feet from Stardom." Hell, it might just be all the saxophone solos.

Either way, Oklahoma City's biggest, boldest band makes a lasting impression. The sheer ambition of the 9-piece throwback soul outfit is monumental. The band clicks together onstage like your toes will after hearing just one track from its catalogue of original tunes that reimagines retro rock 'n' roll. Oh, and just wait until Matt Stansberry & The Romance busts out one of its classic cover songs.

Frontman Matt Stansberry admits his band couldn't operate without its eight other moving pieces. The Romance is a living, breathing project that pumps new life into what your parents listened to on a jukebox. Matt Stansberry & The Romance swims through blues and pop influences of yesteryear, but the band isn't chained to the past. Don't let the Roy Orbison frames fool you. Check out the tennis shoes with the suits. Keep a close eye on the way the band has grown up since their shiny 2012 seven-song debut "Let's Brighten It Up." 2014's "Crash Landing" showcased the smarts of a darker, smoother band.

The crew matures with each release. Matt Stansberry & The Romance's time on the road has not only sharpened the live experience but also helped them redevelop timeless music sentiments. But let's not overlook the obvious. Matt Stansberry & The Romance just plain rocks. The band sounds stellar today, and it would've 30 years ago, too. Best of all, everything still feels new.

But remember, you don't just listen to Matt Stansberry & The Romance. You experience them. There's a lot of love up on that stage and there's always room for one more lead singer in the front row.

– Nathan Poppe