The Good Life
Single (2017)

Sun Studio Session
EP (2016)

Single (2016)

Crash Landing
LP (2014)

Let's Brighten It Up
EP (2012)

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"Real Love" - Official Music Video
Song available for download at iTunes

"Girl Down The Road" - Official Music Video
Song available for download at iTunes

"Heartbreaker" - Official Music Video
Song available for download at iTunes

"Too Late" - Live on the Chevy Music Showcase
Song available for download at iTunes

The Making Of "Heartbreaker"
Song available for download at iTunes

"Brighten It Up" - Official Music Video
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Matt Stansberry & The Romance is an American rock and roll band based in Oklahoma City. The group has created a sound and style all their own by blending American popular music, blues, R&B, soul and funk. The band has independently released four studio recordings, including an EP from the historic Sun Studio in Memphis, TN.

In 2015, the band visited Sun Studio where the staff requested a CD in exchange for a free tour. Unknowingly, the staff immediately opened the CD, began listening and loved what they heard. So much so that at the end of the tour Ples Hampton, studio staff and producer, approached the group to record at Sun. The following year, Matt Stansberry & The Romance returned to Memphis to record new music at Sun, and a PBS Sun Session taping.

Releases include Let’s Brighten It Up EP (2012), Crash Landing LP (2014), Heartbreaker – Single (2016) and Sun Studio Session EP (2016).


Matt Stansberry is an American singer-songwriter, musician and band leader. He is best known for his work with The Romance. As a songwriter and performer, Stansberry’s listeners have come to know him for his signature smooth vocals, uplifting lyrics, improvised guitar solos, and energetic stage performances.

Matt has a strong sense of purpose and vision. His musical message is one of love, hope and unity and there is almost a spirituality in which his songs are written and performed. His passion for making a difference can be felt in his music. Whether the song is feel good, or full of heartbreak, Stansberry has a way of making it all go down easy.

The Romance is the backing band for Matt Stansberry. The group formed in 2012 after the addition of gospel background vocals and a horn section during the recording of a solo EP for Stansberry. The Romance is best known for their tight sound, improvisational skills and onstage dynamics.

Musicians from across the Midwest and Southwest have joined the 9-11 piece group in the studio and on stage. Most notable Romance band members and sit-ins include Matt’s older brother, Joe Stansberry (vocals, guitar), Myra Beasley (vocals), Jeff Hall (drums), John Fletcher (trombone), Brine Webb (bass), Dan Walker (keys), Adam Ray (saxophone), Garrison Brown (trumpet), Kendrik McKinney (keys), Raul Alfonso (bass), Chanda Graham (vocals), Patrick Allred (trombone), Dustin Paige (drums), Lee Rucker (trumpet), Tremaine Wade (drums), Heath Jones (saxophone), Justin McCullough (bass), Kasimu Taylor (trumpet), and Mike Turner (keys, horn arrangements).